2021 Article Drug Delivery System In-vitro Studies

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy Study of 10B Enriched Nanostructured Boron Carbide Against Cervical Cancer and Glioblastoma Cell Line

Journal of Cluster Science, 2021

Authors:   Manjot Kaur,Paviter Singh,Ramovatar Meena,Fumiko Nakagawa,Minoru Suzuki,Hiroyuki Nakamura,Akshay Kumar,
Journal: Journal of Cluster Science
Abstract: Boron carbide enriched with 10B isotope (10B4C) was synthesized by simple and low cost solvothermal method. Structural, morphological and optical analysis has been done. Hexagonal phase of the synthesized material show emission in visible region and makes it a promising material for cancer diagnosis. Cytotoxicity analysis has been done to analyze its suitability for biomedical applications. Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) has been performed using thermal neutron source in comparison to clinically studied compound on tumor cell lines (HeLa and U-87MG).