2020 Article Drug Delivery System In-vitro Studies

Boron nitride (10BN) a prospective material for treatment of cancer by boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT)

Materials Letters, 2020

Authors:   Manjot Kaur,Paviter Singh,Kulwinder Singh,Usha Gaharwar,Ramovatar Meena,Manjeet Kumar,Fumiko Nakagawa,Shangze Wu,Minoru Suzuki,Hiroyuki Nakamura,Akshay Kumar,
Journal: Materials Letters
Abstract: Highly water dispersible 10BN has been synthesized using solvothermal method at relatively low temperature. Structural and morphological analysis of 10BN has been done. Cytotoxicity analysis on normal (HEK-293) and cancer (HeLa, MCF-7) cells showed that 10BN is relatively less toxic and produces insignificant oxygen species. Promising BNCT antitumor effect was observed in 10BN treated HeLa cells. The thermal neutron fluence of ~6.3 × 1012/cm2 resulted in almost 50% cell killing of BN treated HeLa cells.