Communication Task Force

The ISNCT Communication Task Force (CTF) is a group of young ISNCT members with the mission of contributing to communication and ISNCT outreach and to create and maintain a communication system with the public.

The CTF would like to bring closer the ISNCT and to spread BNCT all over the world.

Meet the CTF members:

Agustina Portu

Leader of the CTF, Newsletter

Alexandr Makarov

Physics, Accelerators

Andrea Monti Hughes

Webinars, Radiobiology

Chiara Magni


Ian Postuma

Web manager

Lucas Provenzano

Design, Video edition

María Pedrosa Rivera

Web manager, Repository

Naonori Hu

Webinars, Clinical studies, dosimetry

Pablo Torres Sánchez

Physics, Repository manager

Po-Shen Pan


Setareh Fatemi

Webinars, Interviews, Video edition

Taiki Morita


Valeria Monti

Interviews, Video edition

Edyta Michaś-Majewska


Woo Kim

Clinical studies

Sol Espain

Social media manager

Evgeniia Sokolova


Laura Bagnale

Social media