Partner societies

The International Society for Neutron Capture Therapy (ISNCT) is an international organisation dedicated to advancing the field of neutron capture therapy (NCT) for the treatment of cancer.

ISNCT serves as a platform for scientists, researchers, physicians, and other professionals involved in NCT to exchange knowledge, share research findings, and collaborate on advancements in the field. The society promotes education and awareness about NCT and works towards standardization and optimization of NCT protocols to enhance its clinical effectiveness.

ISNCT collaborates with several partner societies to further its mission. These partner societies include:

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA): The IAEA is a specialized agency of the United Nations that focuses on promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. ISNCT works closely with the IAEA to develop guidelines, protocols, and quality assurance measures for NCT. The IAEA provides technical expertise, facilitates training programs, and supports the implementation of NCT in member states.

Japanese Society for Neutron Capture Therapy (JSBNCT): JSBNCT is a professional organization based in Japan that is dedicated to advancing NCT research and its clinical applications. ISNCT collaborates with JSBNCT to exchange knowledge and experiences, organize joint conferences and workshops, and foster international collaboration in NCT research.

Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group (PTCOG): PTCOG is an international organization that promotes research, education, and clinical applications of particle therapy, including neutron therapy. ISNCT and PTCOG collaborate to enhance the understanding of NCT and its integration with other forms of particle therapy. They work together to advance the development of treatment facilities, share best practices, and facilitate multidisciplinary collaborations in the field of cancer treatment.

Through these partnerships, ISNCT strengthens the global network of NCT professionals, promotes scientific exchange, and contributes to the development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of neutron capture therapy.