The ISNCT is a multidisciplinary nonprofit professional and educational association founded in 1983. We aim to facilitate the continuing development of Neutron Capture Therapy, as a nuclear medical procedure for treatment of some of the most serious forms of cancer, and possibly also as an aid in the management of certain non-malignant diseases.

Scientific areas of interest to the ISNCT include research and development in relevant fields of:
synthetic and analytical chemistryneutron source technologymedical physics and biophysicsmedical radiobiology, and human clinical applications of NCT.

Society organisation

ConstitutionCouncilorsExecutive Board

To promote its objectives, the ISNCT sponsors a major biennial International Congress in each even-numbered year. As well as periodic smaller multinational conferences focused on the activities of early-career researchers and students. Thereby providing an environment that encourages ongoing communication and collaboration among all scientists and others involved in NCT worldwide. Additionally, the ISNCT actively promotes the dissemination of useful and accurate scientific information about NCT to interested members of the broader international medical community and to the public at large, publication of research in the refereed literature, support of students entering the field, interaction with other professional societies and other relevant international organizations, and any other such endeavors as deemed appropriate.

Upcoming international congress

19th ICNCT 5-10 September, 2021, Granada Spain.