Origins of BNCT

List of related articles in chronological order:

Penetration of Brain and Brain Tumor. VII. Tumor-Binding Sulfhydryl Boron Compounds

Authors:   A Soloway,H Hatanaka,M Davis Journal: Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Abstract:…

Biological effects and therapeutic possibilities of neutrons

Authors:   Gordon Locher Journal: Am. J. Roentgenol. Radium Ther. Abstract: It…

Dedication to Sweet and Hatanaka

Authors:   Rolf F. Barth, Albert H. Soloway Journal: International Journal of Radiation…

Chemistry of Boranes. VIII.l Salts and Acids of B10,H10-2 and B12H12-2

Authors:   E.L. Muetterties,J.H. Balthis,Y.T. Chia,W.H. Knoth,H.C. Miller, Journal: Inorganic Chemistry Abstract:

The effect of increasing exposures of the 10-B(n,alpha)7-Li reaction on the skin of man

Authors:   J. Archambeau, Journal: Radiology Abstract:

Effect of Thermal Neutrons on Central Nervous System. Apparent Tolerance of Central Nervous System Structures in Man

Authors:   L. Farr,W. Calvo,W. Haymaker,S. Lippincot,Y.L. Yamamoto,E.E. Stickley, Journal: Archives of Neurology…