2014 Accelerators Article Detectors Physics

Measuring the neutron spectrum of the accelerator-based source using the time-of-flight method

Instruments and Experimental Techniques, 2014

Authors:   Aleinik V.I., Kasatov D.A., Makarov A.N., Taskaev S.Yu.
Journal: Instruments and Experimental Techniques
Abstract: The time-of-flight technique with a new method for generating short radiation bursts has been used to measure the neutron spectrum of the accelerator-based source with a stationary proton beam. Specific problems arising thereby and methods for solving them are described. The measured spectrum of neutrons in the reaction 7Li(p, n)7Be at a proton energy of 1.915 MeV is presented and compared to the calculation. This spectrum is shown to comply with the requirements for the neutron beam used in neutron capture therapy.

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