Research Group info

Thank you for your interest! We will be thrilled to include info of your research group on our website.

To do that, we will need the following information:

  1. Name of the research group/Project
  2. Institution and country
  3. Research group focus (Little paragraph summarizing the project and objectives) [~40 words]
  4. List of memebers, their roles and their institutions
  5. Research group interests and activities (Brief description of the main activities of the group)[~400 words].
  6. List of Present and past national and international collaborations
  7. List of main publications (up to 10). If you include them in our repository, we will be forever grateful.
  8. Links of interest (for example, a link to your research lab’s page)
  9. A group photo (or a separate photo of each member), if possible. If not possible, a representative photo of the research