Article Dosimetry Year 1974

Neutrons from the 2 MeV deuteron bombardment of thick 7Li targets

Nuclear Instruments and Methods, 1974

Authors:   Jones D. T., Bartle C. M.
Journal: Nuclear Instruments and Methods
Abstract: The spectra of neutrons produced in the 7Li(d,n)8Be reaction have been measured at a deuteron energy of 2 MeV using thick 7Li targets in order to investigate the feasibility of using this source for radiotherapy. The time-of-flight technique was used and spectra were obtained at lab angles from 0° to 90° in 10° intervals. Total neutron yields and average neutron energies were determined from the data. Some measurements were also taken with the source viewed through various thicknesses of water and wax absorbers in order to harden the spectra.