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Neutron-beam-shaping assembly for boron neutron-capture therapy

Physics of Atomic Nuclei, 2017

Authors:   L. Zaidi, E. A. Kashaeva, S. I. Lezhnin, G. N. Malyshkin, S. I. Samarin, T. V. Sycheva, S. Yu. Taskaev, S. A. Frolov
Journal: Physics of Atomic Nuclei
Abstract: A neutron-beam-shaping assembly consisting of a moderator, a reflector, and an absorber is used to form a therapeutic neutron beam for the boron neutron-capture therapy of malignant tumors at accelerator neutron sources. A new structure of the moderator and reflector is proposed in the present article, and the results of a numerical simulation of the neutron spectrum and of the absorbed dose in a modified Snyder head phantom are presented. The application of a compositemoderator and of a composite reflector and the implementation of neutron production at the proton energy of 2.3MeVare shown to permit obtaining a high-quality therapeutic neutron beam.