Accelerators Article Beams Physics Year 2020

Method for in situ measuring the thickness of a lithium layer

Journal of Instrumentation, 2020

Authors:   D. Kasatov, Ia. Kolesnikov, A. Koshkarev, A. Makarov, E. Sokolova, I. Shchudlo, S. Taskaev
Journal: Journal of Instrumentation
Abstract: This work describes a new method for in situ measuring the lithium layer thickness. The method is based on the registration of the yield of 478 keV gamma-quanta of 7Li(p,p’γ)7Li reaction. The results of measuring the radial distribution of the thickness of a lithium layer thermally deposited in vacuum on a cooled copper substrate are presented. The possibility of using this method for certification of lithium targets used for boron neutron capture therapy is noted.