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Combining magnetic nanoparticles and icosahedral boron clusters in biocompatible inorganic nanohybrids for cancer therapy

Nanomedicine, 2019

Authors:   E. Oleshkevich, A. Morancho, K. M. O. Galenkamp, A. Grayston, S. Gennatti Crich, D. Alberti, N. Protti, J. X. Comella, F. Teixidor, A. Rosell and C. Viñas
Journal: Nanomedicine
Abstract: The potential biomedical applications of the MNPs nanohybrids coated with m-carboranylphosphinate (1-MNPs) as a theranostic biomaterial for cancer therapy were tested. The cellular uptake and toxicity profile of 1-MNPs from culture media by human brain endothelial cells (hCMEC/D3) and glioblastoma multiform A172 cell line were demonstrated. Prior to testing 1-MNPs’ in vitro toxicity, studies of colloidal stability of the 1-MNPs’ suspension in different culture media and temperatures were carried out. TEM images and chemical titration confirmed that 1-MNPs penetrate into cells. Additionally, to explore 1-MNPs’ potential use in Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) for treating cancer locally, the presence of the m-carboranyl coordinated with the MNPs core after uptake was proven by XPS and EELS. Importantly, thermal neutrons irradiation in BNCT reduced by 2.5 the number of cultured glioblastoma cells after 1-MNP treatment, and the systemic administration of 1-MNPs in mice was well tolerated with no major signs of toxicity.