A message from the Communication Task Force

Hey, BNCT community! We hope you are doing well in this particular time. It is our pleasure to announce the release of our first newsletter, among different communication materials. We are the Communication Task Force, a group of young researchers devoted to contributing to communication and outreach of BNCT. We come from different research groups, but we represent the ISNCT. The final idea is to bring the ISNCT members closer together and (why not?) to spread BNCT all over the world.

On October 8th we obtained approval and support from the Executive Board of the ISNCT. During the last months, we have met virtually at strange hours (from 7 am to 9.30 pm!), organised between us and worked a lot! Today we still continue working on our website, now supported in WordPress. We are actually developing a nice repository of bibliography. Our social media accounts are now available (come and visit us on facebookinstagram and twitter) and our youtube channel is waiting for your subscription! There, you can find our first interviews.

We are growing in ideas but we need collaboration to gather informations, collect news, etc. So you are very welcome to cooperate with us! You can find us via our social media or you can write to

In this first newsletter we focused on some important meetings held this year and on the congresses to come, hopefully with the end of the pandemic. Please, read us!

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