2000 Article Dosimetry Physics

On the optimal energy of epithermal neutron beams for BNCT

Physics in Medicine & Biology, 2000

Authors:   Bisceglie E., Colangelo P., Colonna N., Santorelli P., Variale V.
Journal: Physics in Medicine & Biology
Abstract: The optimal neutron energy for the treatment of deep-seated tumours using boron neutron capture therapy is studied by analysing various figures of merit. In particular, analysis of the therapeutic gain as a function of the neutron energy indicates that, with the currently available 10 B carriers, the most useful neutrons for the treatment of deep-seated tumours, in particular glioblastoma multiforme, are those with an energy of a few keV. Based on the results of the simulations, a method is presented which allows us to evaluate the quality of epithermal neutron beams of known energy spectrum, thus allowing us to compare different neutron-producing reactions and beam-shaping assembly configurations used for accelerator-based neutron sources.

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