Accelerator-based BNCT projects

Several accelerator-based BNCT facilities have been constructed in recent years, and many are still under construction and planning. At the table below you can find all accelerator-based BNCT projects worldwide relevant for the end of 2021.

# Name of the projectLocationAccelerator typePurposeCurrent status
1 C-BENSParticle Radiation Oncology Research Center of Kyoto University in Kumatori, JapanCyclotronBNCT researchexperimental use
2NeuCure (BNCT30)Southern Tohoku BNCT Research Center, Fukushima, JapanCyclotronClinical BNCTpatient treatment
3NeuCure (BNCT30)Kansai BNCT Medical Center, Osaka Medical College, Osaka, JapanCyclotronClinical BNCTpatient treatment
4NCC CICS-1National Cancer Center Hospital, Tokyo, JapanRFQClinical BNCTphase I clinical trial
5CICS-1Edogawa Hospital BNCT Center, JapanRFQClinical BNCTunder construction
6iBNCTIbaraki Neutron Medical Reserch Center, University of Tsukuba, JapanRFQ+DTLClinical BNCTexperimental use
7nuBeamHelsinki University Hospital, FinlandElectrostaticClinical BNCTcomissioning
8nuBeamShonan Kamakura General Hospital in Kanagawa Prefecture, JapanElectrostaticClinical BNCTinstalling
9NeuPexXiamen Humanity Hospital, Xiamen City, ChinaElectrostatic TandemClinical BNCTinstalling and commissioning
10AlphabeamFondazione Centro Nazionale Adroterapia Oncologica (CNAO), Pavia, ItalyElectrostatic TandemClinical BNCTunder construction
11 VITABudker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, RussiaElectrostatic TandemBNCT researchexperimental use
12 VITA Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology, Moscow, Russia Electrostatic Tandem Clinical BNCT under construction
13 NUANS (Dynamitron)Nagoya University, JapanElectrostaticBNCT researchexperimental use
14 SARAF-LiLiTSoreq Nuclear Research Center, IsraelRFQ+HWRMulti-purpose researchexperimental use
15 ESQCNEA, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaESQBNCT researchunder construction
16 D-BNCT01Dongguan Neutron Science Center, Dongguan campus of IHEP, ChinaRFQBNCT researchexperimental use
17 D-BNCT02Dongguan People’s Hospital, ChinaRFQClinical BNCTunder construction
18 A-BNCTGachon University Gil Medical Center, Songdo, Incheon, South KoreaRFQ+DTLClinical BNCTpreclinical trial
19 KIRAMS AB-BNCTKorea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences (KIRAMS), Seoul, South KoreaElectrostaticBNCT researchunder construction
20 HF ADNFBirmingham University, UKElectrostaticMulti-purpose researchunder construction
21 Legnaro-RFQLegnaro National Laboratory, Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), Legnaro (Padova), ItalyRFQBNCT researchunder development
22 E_LibANSUniversity of Torino, ItalyElectron LINACMulti-purpose researchexperimental use
23CYCIAE-14B (CIAE AB-BNCT)China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), Beijing, ChinaCyclotronBNCT researchunder comissioning
24Mazu AB-BNCTMazu Hospital, Putian City, Fugian Province, ChinaRFQClinical BNCTunder construction
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