2014 Article Dosimetry ICNCT15 Physics

Are high energy proton beams ideal for AB‐BNCT? A brief discussion from the viewpoint of fast neutron contamination control

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2014

Authors:   Pei‐Yi Lee,Yuan‐Hao Liu,Shiang‐Huei Jiang,
Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Abstract: High energy proton beam (>8MeV) is favorable for producing neutrons with high yield. However, the produced neutrons are of high energies. These high energy neutrons can cause severe fast neutron contamination and degrade the BNCT treatment quality if they are not appropriately moderated. Hence, this study aims to briefly discuss the issue, from the viewpoint of fast neutron contamination control, whether high energy proton beam is ideal for AB-BNCT or not. In this study, D2O, PbF4, CaF2, and Fluental™ were used standalone as moderator materials to slow down 1-, 6-, and 10-MeV parallelly incident neutrons. From the calculated results, we concluded that neutrons produced by high energy proton beam could not be easily moderated by a single moderator to an acceptable contamination level and still with reasonable epithermal neutron beam intensity. Hence, much more complicated and sophisticated designs of beam shaping assembly have to be developed when using high energy proton beams.