The Board of councilors shall be the advisory body of the Society with such additional powers as described in the statutes. This Board shall elect Members of the Executive Board at biennial intervals. It shall meet at the time of the scheduled scientific meetings. The Board of Councilors shall be limited to 30 members and is the legislative body of the society.

Current Members of the Board of Councilors

End of term 2020

End of term 2022

End of term 2024

Eight members of the Board of Councilors are elected by the General Assembly every two years from categorized lists of nominees such that two physicians, two radiobiologists, two chemists and two physicists are elected and a balance among the various scientific specialties is thus retained. The Executive Board then designates the two remaining members for each two-year period, with the objective of redressing any geographic imbalances that may have developed on the Board of Councilors, or possibly to introduce desired specific technical expertise to the Board of Councilors in a particular area. As needed, the Executive Board shall fill any vacancies on the Board of Councilors that may occur due to the death or resignation of a member. Individuals designated to fill such vacancies shall have a similar professional/scientific background as the former member, and shall serve for the remainder of the former member’s term.Last Amended: 14 January 2018

Past Members of the Board of Councilors

End of term 2018

End of term 2016

End of term 2014