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New Compact Neutron Generator System for Multiple Applications

Nuclear Technology, 2020

Authors:   Leung K. N.
Journal: Nuclear Technology
Abstract: Compact neutron generators can provide a high flux of neutrons with energies ranging from thermal (0.025 eV) to 14 MeV. The application of the deuterium-deuterium, D-10B, and D-7Li nuclear reactions and new advancements in high-flux neutron generator technology along with the commercial availability of high-voltage direct current power supplies enables the production of high-flux 2.45-, 6-, 10-, and 13-MeV neutrons. The high-energy neutrons or the moderated epithermal neutrons from the new compact neutron generator can greatly advance cancer therapy, radioisotope production, neutron yield measurement, special nuclear materials detection, and neutron transmutation doping of silicon.