Accelerators Article Beams Year 2015

Development of a neutron generating target for compact neutron sources using low energy proton beams

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 2015

Authors:   Yamagata Y., Hirota K., Ju J., Wang S., Morita S. Y., Kato J. I., Otake Y., Taketani A., Seki Y., Yamada M., Ota H., Bautista U., Jia Q.
Journal: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Abstract: A neutron generating target using a Be(p,n) reaction was developed for a RIKEN compact accelerator-driven neutron source (RANS). The major problem of targets using a low energy proton beam is blistering, which is actually due to hydrogen embrittlement caused by injected hydrogen. To avoid this problem, the authors have proposed a new target design with a hydrogen diffusible backing and its design was modeled using finite-element analysis (FEM) and Monte-Carlo ion injection simulation. Also, the mechanical strength and heat removal capability of the target were considered by FEM. Based on those simulations, a new target was manufactured and applied to RANS and operated for 1 year without any problems. Also, the residual radioactivity of the target was investigated by experiment and simulation.