Article Dosimetry Year 2020

Activation Foil Candidates for Intense D-Li Neutron Measurement Up to 60 MeV

Modern Neutron Detection. Proceedings of a Technical Meeting, 2020

Authors:   Kwon S., Ohta M., Ochiai K., Suzuki H.
Journal: Modern Neutron Detection. Proceedings of a Technical Meeting
Abstract: In order to assess a radiation damage of a fusion material before a decision of Japanese fusion DEMO reactor construction, we have been designing an intense d-Li neutron source facility, Advanced Fusion Neutron Source (A-FNS) in Japan. A-FNS will be constructed before 2025. The main purpose of A-FNS is to acquire radiation damage data of the fusion material under fusion-like neutron irradiation testing. One of the characteristics of A-FNS is that large amounts of high energy neutrons (> MeV) are produced with an expected intensity around 6.8 × 1016 n/s. In this study, we propose a neutron measurement system that is configured with multiple threshold reaction activation foils which are sensitive to high energy neutrons. The need to measure the cross-section data for the threshold reactions is also discussed.