Accelerators Article Beams Physics Year 2018

Use of a Wire Scanner for Measuring a Negative Hydrogen Ion Beam Injected in a Tandem Accelerator with Vacuum Insulation

Instruments and Experimental Techniques, 2018

Authors:   T. Bykov, D. Kasatov, Ia. Kolesnikov, A. Koshkarev, A. Makarov, Yu. Ostreinov, E. Sokolova, I. Sorokin, S. Taskaev, I. Shchudlo.
Journal: Instruments and Experimental Techniques
Abstract: A modified wire scanner and a new methodical approach were used to measure the profile, current, and phase portrait of a negative hydrogen ion beam injected into a tandem accelerator with vacuum insulation. The effect of the space charge and spherical aberration of the focusing lenses on the negative hydrogen ion beam is revealed. Recommendations are given, whose implementation will make it possible to increase the current of the proton beam from 5 to 10 mA in the accelerator, which is sufficient for boron neutron capture therapy of malignant tumors.