Article Detectors Physics Year 2017

The directional neutron spectrometer CYSP: Further developments for measuring low intensity fields

Radiation Measurements, 2017

Authors:   J. Gómez-Ros,R. Bedogni,D. Bortot,C. Domingo,M. Lorenzoli,M. Moraleda,A. Pola,D. Sacco,W. Plastino,M. Parisi,F. Signoretti,F. Re
Journal: Radiation Measurements
Abstract: This communication describes a recently developed directional neutron spectrometer consisting of multiple active thermal neutron detectors located along the axis of a moderating cylinder. The instrument has been developed by CIEMAT (Spain), INFN (Italy) and Politecnico di Milano (Italy) in the framework of Italian and Spanish collaboration projects. The spectrometer permits to measure neutron spectra in the energy range from thermal to 100–200 MeV, thus being able to characterize the complete neutron spectrum by unfolding the measured responses of the detectors. Because of the use of active thermal neutron detectors, it can provide a real time result of the measurement, including the integral quantities, total fluence and ambient dose equivalent.