Accelerators Article Beams Physics Year 2003

Tandem accelerator with vacuum insulation for boron-neutron-capture therapy and detection of explosives by resonance absorption of γ-rays

Atomic Energy, 2003

Authors:   G. Dimov, Yu. Bel’chenko, G. Krainov, R. Salimov, N. Kuksanov, G. Sil’vestrov, I. Sorokin, S. Taskaev, M. Tiunov, D. Toporkov, V. Shirokov
Journal: Atomic Energy
Abstract: The status of the design work on an electrostatic tandem-accelerator with vacuum insulation for 2.5 Me V protons and up to 40 mA constant current is reported. This machine is to be used for solving problems of neutron therapy and the detection of explosives by nuclear-resonance absorption of γ-rays.