Accelerators Article Dosimetry Physics Year 2015

Radiation accompanying the absorption of 2-MeV protons in various materials

Physics of Atomic Nuclei, 2015

Authors:   D. A. Kasatov, A. N. Makarov, S. Yu. Taskaev, I. M. Shchudlo
Journal: Physics of Atomic Nuclei
Abstract: For the development of boron neutron-capture therapy of malignant tumors, a source of epithermal neutrons on the basis of a tandem accelerator with a vacuum insulation and a lithium target was created and launched. With the aim of optimizing the neutron-producing target, various structure materials were irradiated with a proton beam. The results obtained bymeasuring the dose rate and radiation spectrum upon the absorption of 2-MeV protons are presented, and the choice of tantalum for an optimum material of the target substrate was explained.