Article Chemistry Small Boron compounds Year 2021

Nucleophilic radiosynthesis of boron neutron capture therapy-oriented PET probe [18F]FBPA using aryldiboron precursors

Chemical Communications, 2021

Authors:   Jing He,Heng Yan,Yanrong Du,Yan Ji,Fei Cai,Wenbin Fan,Li Huo,Yuan-Hao Liu,Zheng Wang,Shihong Li
Journal: Chemical Communications
Abstract: A reliable copper-mediated nucleophilic radiosynthesis of the PET imaging probe [18F]FBPA was developed using novel aryldiboron precursors. The carrier-free [18F]FBPA with radiochemical purity >99% was prepared routinely via the two-step synthesis with an automatic module and can be used for clinical PET imaging of tumours.