Accelerators Article Detectors Dosimetry Physics Year 2021

Evaluation of depth-dose profiles in a water phantom at the BNCT facility at BINP

Journal of Instrumentation, 2021

Authors:   Bykov T.A., Kasatov D.A., Koshkarev A.M., Makarov A.N., Leonov V.V., Porosev V.V, Savinov G.A., Savinov S.S., Shchudlo I.M., Taskaev, S.Yu., Verkhovod G.D.
Journal: Journal of Instrumentation
Abstract: In this study, we present depth-dose profiles measured with a water phantom at the boron neutron-capture therapy (BNCT) facility at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (BINP). The presented results demonstrate that the proposed design of radiation detector with an optical fiber readout, which includes three different sensors (the first based on a plastic scintillator enriched with boron, the second based on a simple plastic scintillator, and the third having no scintillator at all), enables measurement of neutron flux, as well as estimations of the dose induced by gamma rays. The results of simulations with the GEANT4 package demonstrated good agreement with the experimental data and can be used for further system improvement.