Accelerators Article Physics Year 2020

Diagnostics of the Efficiency of a Gas Stripping Target of a Tandem Accelerator with Vacuum Insulation

Nuclear Experiment Technique, 2020

Authors:   Ia. Kolesnikov, A. Koshkarev, S. Taskaev, I. Shchudlo
Journal: Nuclear Experiment Technique
Abstract: Diagnostics have been developed for measuring the efficiency of stripping a beam of negative ions in a gas stripping target of a tandem charged particle accelerator. The coefficient of ion-electron emission during the bombardment of copper by protons with an energy of 1 MeV was measured. A bending magnet with a horizontal nozzle was installed, which made it possible to place a Faraday cup and receive a stream of neutrals formed on it as a result of incomplete stripping of negative ions in the stripping target. Diagnostics of the efficiency of the gas stripping target were put into operation on the basis of measuring the current of electrons emitted from the surface of a Faraday cup during its bombardment by a directed stream of neutrals and the proton current by a non-contact current sensor.