Article Boron Compounds Chemistry In-vitro Studies Radiobiology Year 2020

Bimodal Therapeutic Agent against Glioblastoma, one the most Lethal Cancer

Chemistry European Journal, 2020

Authors:   M. Couto, C. Alamón, S. Nievas, M. Perona, M. A. Dagrosa, F. Teixidor, P. Cabral, C. Viñas and H. Cerecetto
Journal: Chemistry European Journal
Abstract: About 95 % of people diagnosed with glioblastoma die within five years. Glioblastoma is the most aggressive central nervous system tumour. It is necessary to make progress in the glioblastoma treatment so that advanced chemotherapy drugs or radiation therapy or, ideally, two-in-one hybrid systems should be implemented. Tyrosine kinase receptors–inhibitors and boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), together, could provide a therapeutic strategy. In this work, sunitinib decorated-carborane hybrids were prepared and biologically evaluated identifying excellent antitumoral- and BNCT-agents. One of the selected hybrids was studied against glioma-cells and found to be 4 times more cytotoxic than sunitinib and 1.7 times more effective than 10B-boronophenylalanine fructose complex when the cells were irradiated with neutrons.