Article Medicine Origins of BNCT Physics Radiobiology Year 1936

Biological effects and therapeutic possibilities of neutrons

Am. J. Roentgenol. Radium Ther., 1936

Authors:   Gordon Locher
Journal: Am. J. Roentgenol. Radium Ther.
Abstract: It is now possible to obtain neutrons in sufficiently abundant intensities to make worth while the consideration of their biological and therapeutic possibilities. Enough knowledge of the remarkable behavior of neutrons has been accumulated through physical research to enable the prediction of certain biological effects, and to see, in a general way at least, certain therapeutic potentialities of this new kind of corpuscular radiation. The facility with which neutrons pass through matter, and penetrate and disrupt atomic nuclei, of which they are now believed to be fundamental constituents, gives them an importance in some fields of atomic physics which is not equalled by alpha, beta, or gamma rays. This naturally reflects on the various fields of biological application of corpuscular and quantum radiations.