Article Boron Determination Chemistry Small Boron compounds Year 2000

In vivo evaluation of carborane gadolinium-DTPA complex as an MR imaging boron carrier

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 2000

Authors:   Hiroyuki Nakamura,Hiroshi Fukuda,Frank Girald,Tooru Kobayashi,Jun’ichi Hiratsuka,Takashi Akaizawa,Hisao Nemoto,Jianping Cai,Katsuya Yoshida,Yoshinori Yamamoto
Journal: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin
Abstract: The evaluation of the Gd-carborane complex 2 as an MR imaging and boron carrier agent was carried out in vivo using tumor-bearing Donryu rats, MRI, ICP-AES, and $alpha$-autoradiography. The MR imaging revealed that the carborane Gd-DTPA 2 was metabolized slower in the body than Gd-DTPA 1. The results of the ICP-AES method indicated that compound 2 was incorporated into normal tissues and metabolized quickly, whereas it was not accumulated into tumor or brain tissue. The $alpha$-autoradiography showed that a high level of boron was obtained in the internal organs and in the necrosis of tumor tissue.