Article Radiobiology Review Year 2020

An attempt to improve the therapeutic effect of boron neutron capture therapy using commonly employed 10B-carriers based on analytical studies on the correlation among quiescent tumor cell characteristics, tumor heterogeneity and cancer stemness

Journal of Radiation Research, 2020

Authors:   Shin Masunaga,Yu Sanada,Keizo Tano,Yoshinori Sakurai,Hiroki Tanaka,Takushi Takata,Minoru Suzuki,Koji Ono
Journal: Journal of Radiation Research
Abstract: Based on our previously published reports concerning the response of quiescent (Q) tumor cell populations to boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT), the heterogeneous microdistribution of 10B in tumors, which is influenced by the tumor microenvironment and the characteristics of the 10B delivery carriers, has been shown to limit the therapeutic effect of BNCT on local tumors. It was also clarified that the characteristics of 10B-carriers for BNCT and the type of combined treatment in BNCT can also affect the potential for distant lung metastases from treated local tumors. We reviewed the findings concerning the response of Q tumor cell populations to BNCT, mainly focusing on reports we have published so far, and we identified the mode of BNCT that currently offers the best therapeutic gain from the viewpoint of both controlling local tumor and suppressing the potential for distant lung metastasis. In addition, based on the finding that oxygenated Q tumor cells showed a large capacity to recover from DNA damage after cancer therapy, the interrelationship among the characteristics in Q tumor cell populations, tumor heterogeneity and cancer stemness was also discussed.