Article Chemistry Drug Delivery System Year 2017

Block copolymer-boron cluster conjugate for effective boron neutron capture therapy of solid tumors

Journal of Controlled Release, 2017

Authors:   Peng Mi, Hironobu Yanagie, Novriana Dewi, Hung-Chi Yen, Xueying Liu, Minoru Suzuki
Yoshinori Sakurai, Koji Ono, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Horacio Cabral, Kazunori Kataoka,
Nobuhiro Nishiyama
Journal: Journal of Controlled Release
Abstract: Boron neutron capture therapy is a promising tumor treatment method, though its wide application has been limited due to the poor tumor selectivity and intracellular delivery of 10B-compounds. Here, block copolymer-boron cluster conjugate based on the clinically used sodium borocaptate (BSH) and poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(glutamic acid) copolymer have been developed for effectively penetrating tumor tissues and homogeneously delivering the boron clusters into cancer cells towards safe and efficient boron neutron capture therapy. The PEGylated block copolymer-boron cluster (BSH) conjugate has demonstrated significant higher cellular uptake and tumor accumulation when compared to the non-PEGylated formulations and BSH. Moreover, the enhanced delivery to tumors of the conjugates, as well as their superior intratumoral penetration, which facilitated reaching the intracellular space of most cells in tumors, allowed the effective ablation of tumors after neutron irradiation.