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Measurements of the 33S(n,a)30Si cross-section at n_TOF and ILL: Implications in neutron capture therapy

EPJ Web Conf., 2020

Authors:   J. Praena, I López-Casas, M. Sabaté-Gilarte, F. Arias de Saavedra, I. Porras
Journal: EPJ Web Conf.
Abstract: Up to a couple of years ago, the 33S(n, α)30Si cross-section data had been limited and scarce. The origin in the solar system of 36S had been the only motivation to study that cross-section. However, a few years ago, the 33S(n, α)30Si reaction was proposed as a possible target in neutron capture therapy (NCT) due to the excellent bio-properties of 33S and the significant resonance at 13.45 keV of the cross-section for which a high-energy α is emitted. Prior to the experiments carried out at n_TOF-CERN and at the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) facilities, the data situation was: no data from the thermal point up to 10 keV; from 10 keV to 300 keV, there was only one (n, α) measurement able to resolve the resonances with a questionable value of the 13.45-keV resonance; and the thermal point did not have a consistent value. Here we summarize three experiments that have been performed covering the whole energy range of interest in NCT and astrophysics. These experiments have solved the most important issues. The data of the present work and the evaluated data are used to calculate the dose rate in the tissue.