2011 Article Boron Determination Chemistry Year 2011

Measurement of ¹⁰B concentration through autoradiography images in polycarbonate nuclear track detectors

Radiation Measurements, 2011

Authors:   A. Portu,O.A. Bernaola,S. Nievas,S. Liberman,G. Martin,
Journal: Radiation Measurements
Abstract: The determination of the local concentration of boron in the different regions of tissue samples treated by Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) could be made through the evaluation of the number of tracks forming autoradiography images. It is necessary to get a “standard” material containing a known amount of 10 B, to correlate the number of tracks and boron concentration, i.e. to be used as a reference. Different systems were tested in order to find a suitable standard. Films made of 2% agarose in boron solutions showed a homogeneous distribution of the 10 B atoms in the material structure. This system is easy handled and its physical properties are satisfactory. On the other hand, a small volume polycarbonate box was designed to contain 10 B solutions of known concentration. This system showed a reduced number of background tracks and a promising behavior in many aspects. There is proportionality between track numbers per surface unit and 10 B concentration, and between track numbers per surface unit and neutron fluence. Experimental results were compared to calculated values through formulas developed for thick samples autoradiography. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.