2011 Article ICNCT14 In-vitro Studies Radiobiology

In vitro studies of cellular response to DNA damage induced by boron neutron capture therapy

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2011

Authors:   M. Perona,O. Pontiggia,M. Carpano,L. Thomasz,S. Thorp,E. Pozzi,M. Simian,S. Kahl,G. Juvenal,M. Pisarev,A. Dagrosa,
Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Abstract: The aim of these studies was to evaluate the mechanisms of cellular response to DNA damage induced by BNCT. Thyroid carcinoma cells were incubated with 10BPA or 10BOPP and irradiated with thermal neutrons. The surviving fraction, the cell cycle distribution and the expression of p53 and Ku70 were analyzed. Different cellular responses were observed for each irradiated group. The decrease of Ku70 in the neutrons +BOPP group could play a role in the increase of sensitization to radiation.