Article Origins of BNCT Year 1960

Evaluation of two boron-containing drugs for use in the proposed neutron-capture irradiation of gliomas

Journal of Neutropathology and Experimental Neurology, 1960

Authors:   Albert Soloway,D.S. Gordon,
Journal: Journal of Neutropathology and Experimental Neurology
Abstract: A study was conducted for the evaluation of boron compounds toward the utilization of neutron-capture irradiation in the treatment of gliomas. Two drugs, p-carboxyphenylboronic acid and triisopropanolamine borate, were tested toxicologically in animals and man and compared with boric acid. Their excretion pattern was followed in a series of eight patients, some of whom received multiple doses. Both compounds were rapidly excreted by the kidney, and, like boric acid, they behave as low-threshold substances. Consequentiy, thermal neutron therapy could be reinstituted within a week’s time since the normal brain boron content then would be vanishingly small. The high boron content of the pituitary presents a possible method for performing a nonsurgical hypophysectomy without concomitant damage to adjacent nervous tissue.