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Enhancement of neutron radiation dose by the addition of sulphur-33 atoms

Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2008

Authors:   I Porras,
Journal: Physics in Medicine and Biology
Abstract: The use of neutrons in radiotherapy allows the possibility of producing nuclear reactions in a specific target inserted in the medium. 10B is being used to induce reactions (n, α), a technique called boron neutron capture therapy. I have studied the possibility of inducing a similar reaction using the nucleus of 33S, for which the reaction cross section presents resonances for keV neutrons, the highest peak occurring at 13.5 keV. Here shown, by means of Monte Carlo simulation of point-like sources of neutrons in this energy range, is an enhancement effect on the absorbed dose in water by the addition of 33S atoms. In addition to this, as the range of the alpha particle is of the order of a mammalian cell size, the energy deposition via this reaction results mainly inside the cells adjacent to the interaction site. The main conclusion of the present work is that the insertion of these sulphur atoms in tumoral cells would enhance the effect of neutron irradiation in the keV range.