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Characterization of the energy distribution of neutrons generated by 5MeV protons on a thick beryllium target at different emission angles

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2011

Authors:   S. Agosteo,P. Colautti,J. Esposito,A. Fazzi,M.V. Introini,A. Pola,
Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Abstract: Neutron energy spectra at different emission angles, between 0° and 120° from the Be(p,xn) reaction generated by a beryllium thick-target bombarded with 5MeV protons, have been measured at the Legnaro Laboratories (LNL) of the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics research (INFN). A new and quite compact recoil-proton spectrometer, based on a monolithic silicon telescope, coupled to a polyethylene converter, was efficiently used with respect to the traditional Time-of-Flight (TOF) technique. The measured distributions of recoil-protons were processed through an iterative unfolding algorithm in order to determine the neutron energy spectra at all the angles accounted for. The neutron energy spectrum measured at 0° resulted to be in good agreement with the only one so far available at the requested energy and measured years ago with TOF technique. Moreover, the results obtained at different emission angles resulted to be consistent with detailed past measurements performed at 4MeV protons at the same angles by TOF techniques.