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BNCT for locally recurrent head and neck cancer: Preliminary clinical experience from a phase I/II trial at Tsing Hua Open-Pool Reactor

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2011

Authors:   L.W. Wang,S.J. Wang,P.Y. Chu,C.Y. Ho,S.H. Jiang,Y.W.H. Liu,Y.H. Liu,H.M. Liu,J.J. Peir,F.I. Chou,S.H. Yen,Y.L. Lee,C.W. Chang,C.S. Liu,Y.W. Chen,K. Ono,
Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Abstract: To introduce our preliminary experience of treating locally and regionally recurrent Head and Neck cancer patients at Tsing Hua Open-Pool Reactor in Taiwan, four patients (M/F=3/1, median age 68Y/O) were enrolled. BNCT with BPA (400mg/kg) injected in 2 phases and prescription dose of 12–35Gy (Eq.)/fraction for 2 fractions at 30 day interval can be given with sustained blood boron concentration and tolerable early toxicities for recurrent H & N cancer.