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33S for Neutron Capture Therapy: Nuclear Data for Monte Carlo Calculations

Nuclear Data Sheets, 2014

Authors:   I. Porras,M. Sabaté-Gilarte,J. Praena,J.M. Quesada,P.L. Esquinas,
Journal: Nuclear Data Sheets
Abstract: A study of the nuclear data required for the Monte Carlo simulation of boron neutron capture therapy including the 33S isotope as an enhancer of the dose at small depths has been performed. In particular, the controversy on the available data for the 33S(n, α) cross section will be shown, which motivates new measurements. In addition to this, kerma factors for the main components of tissue are calculated with the use of fitting functions. Finally, we have applied these data to a potential neutron capture treatment with boron and sulfur addition to tissue in which part of the hydrogen atoms are replaced by deuterium, which improves the procedure.