by Naonori Hu

The VET BNCT promotion project held a symposium titled “Toward expanding the indications for BNCT in the veterinary field – issues to be addressed and the possibility of interdisciplinary research” which was held online on Thursday 4th March 2021. It was organised by both Kyoto University Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science (KURNS) and Osaka Prefecture University Veterinary Medical Center with Prof. Minoru Suzuki and Prof. Terumasa Shimada as the delegates of the symposium. The symposium covered a wide range of topics, including clinical veterinary radiotherapy, imaging, biology, chemistry, and physics.
The invited speaker was Amanda Elena Schwint from the Radiobiology Department of the National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina. Her presentation included an insight on the application of BNCT for veterinary medicine and provided a detailed overview of the clinical veterinary BNCT studies in cats and dogs with head and neck cancer in Argentina.
All the presentations were extremely interesting and showed a bright future for the role of BNCT in veterinary medicine.