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Taiwan-Japan Neutron Capture Therapy Academic Conference of Elite

The second Taiwan-Japan Neutron Capture Therapy Academic Conference of Elite (TJNCTACE) was held on 31 October 2020, in Taiwan. The congress was originally planned in March, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It took place in New Taipei City, the most populous city of Taiwan. Attendants from Taiwan gathered at the Tamkang University campus, while participants from Japan, Singapore and China connected via a video conferencing platform. The meeting is held every year between Taiwan and Japan’s BNCT research groups and focuses on any topics related to recent developments of BNCT. 

This year, the topics included: 

  • Innovative boron drugs for BNCT
  • Clinical studies of BNCT
  • Recent development of BNCT in Taiwan, Japan and China.

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