2020 Article Biology Boron imaging ICNCT18 Radiobiology Special Issue(ARI)

Neutron autoradiography to study the microdistribution of boron in the lung

Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 2020

Authors:   Espain M.S., Dattoli Viegas A.M., Trivilin V.A., Saint Martín G., Thorp S.I., Curotto P., Cayetano Pozzi E.C., González S.J., Portu A.M.
Journal: Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Abstract: In Argentina, a multi-institutional project has been established to assess the feasibility of applying BNCT ex-situ to the treatment of patients with multiple metastases in both lungs. Within this context, this work aims at applying the neutron autoradiography technique to study boron microdistribution in the lung. A comprehensive analysis of the different aspects for the generation of autoradiographic images of both normal and metastatic BDIX rat lungs was achieved. Histology, boron uniformity, optimal tissue thickness and water content in tissue were explored for the two types of samples. A qualitative and a quantitative analysis were performed. No heterogeneities in uptake were observed in normal lung. Conversely, samples with metastasis showed preferential boron uptake in the tumour areas with respect to surrounding tissue. Surrounding tissue would present a slightly higher uptake of boron than the normal lung. Quantitative results of boron concentration values and ratios determined by neutron autoradiography were obtained. In order to contribute to BNCT dosimetry, further analysis increasing the number of samples is warranted.

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