1998 Accelerators Article BSA designs Dosimetry Physics

Developments in accelerator based boron neutron capture therapy

Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 1998

Authors:   Green S.
Journal: Radiation Physics and Chemistry
Abstract: This paper will review the current status of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT), from basic physical mechanisms and clinical indications, to neutron beam development and dosimetry. For in-hospital facilities, particle accelerators presently provide the favoured option, and this paper concentrates on this approach to neutron beam production for BNCT. Various accelerator-based approaches will be reviewed, but discussion will concentrate on the Birmingham programme, particularly the design of a suitable neutron beam delivery system and the experimental validation of Monte Carlo simulations on a mock-up neutron beam moderation system. The use of dose modifying factors to evaluate the likely clinical utility of an epithermal neutron beam will also be discussed, with illustrations from the Birmingham programme.

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